Fishin' n' Floatin'

Even though we've officially got a few weeks left to go, it felt like summer started this weekend.  We were lucky enough to get to spend the holiday with wonderful friends in one of my most favorite places in the state: Seneca Rocks. The drive there is an event on its own--sweeping views of tall lush hills with rolling farmland nested in between, ridge lines topped with imposing, starkly beautiful windmills, and a twisting mountain road that makes me feel like a rally car driver.

And these boys were on the river about 30 minutes after we arrived.

I'm so excited for them to learn how to adventure at such an early age. I loved rafting as a kid, but I didn't get to start at 5. While I feel we're successfully imparting our adventuresome spirits here, they don't seem so keen on learning how to relax. But hey, good parenting is nothing if not setting a good example, right?

Not only did we get a personal raft tour down a lovely stretch of the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac, but Don lined up some amazing trout for us to reel in. Apparently this beautiful golden rainbow is fairly rare (and also amazingly delicious).

I spend a lot of time doing yoga and trying to remember to be in the moment. So refreshing to have a string of days where I didn't even have to try.