Wabi-Sabi Streetview: First Ward, Morgantown, WV

I ran across the term wabi-sabi recently, and it seemed to fit exactly with what I'm trying to do with my photos (my life?). It's all about appreciating beauty in the mundane or the imperfect. If you're interested in the idea, read more here.  My short summary: pay attention, notice what's about, appreciate what's here now. This post is the result of me walking my camera about on Sunday in my neighborhood (Not my phrase, "walk your camera," but I love it, and I'm gonna use it every chance I get. Thank you, Roger May.) 

It's a mixed neighborhood. Most people have chosen safe, neutral paint colors, and porch decor tends to be utilitarian. 

But I kept finding these little scenes that just made me laugh. Check out the view of the Dish. Or the little cherub-deer pairing below.

The light reflecting in these trash cans. The shadow of this crazy, hacked tree.

And the animals. Keeping us safe. The lions are fantastic, but this pink elephant? She takes the cake.